Brazilian Fair Trade Organic coffees are mellow, bittersweet chocolate tasting coffees; full of body and aromatic spices, low acidity, ideal ‘breakfast coffees’ meant for espresso roasts and gourmet coffee blends. Unlike the other prominent coffee producing countries, Brazilian coffees are processed using natural or unwashed methods. The coffee berries are cleaned and exposed to sun-dry method with the cherries on, for about eight to ten days. The outer husks are hulled and processed before they get sorted, labelled and stored for further organic coffee beans wholesale transits and bulk trade.

Farmers and the harvesters of these organic coffee beans take good care of the post harvest scenario. Being handpicked, the coffee beans can have some defects and taints. To remove that, the coffee beans are largely inspected and sorted out after they are dried. Thus, they get the full-bodied taste and the rich, nutty, earthy aroma superior to the humdrum tasting coffees. The syrupiness of the fruits gets transported into each cup.

City Roast has a medium brown dry surface to the gourmet coffee bean. We feel provides the truest taste characteristics individual to each gourmet coffee bean and it's growing region. Buy gourmet coffee at wholesale prices online from Kaldi Gourmet Coffee Roasters. We will custom roast this coffee just for you!

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